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Trackpoint Podcast 073: UK Garage with DJ Vaden feat DJ LK guest mix (February 2011)

Февральский выпуск UK Garage ветки Trackpoint подкаста с новинками 2Step, 4x4 и Future Garage от DJ Vaden, а также гостевой микс с прямым олдскульным гаражом от DJ LK.

DJ Vaden Tracklist:

1. Para - All My Heart [CDR]
2. Mr Faizer - Back In The Day (Phonetix 2Step Mix) [CDR]
3. Del Gibbons feat Miss Roberts - Freedom (Control-S 2Step Remix) [forthcoming DGN on April, 25 2011]
4. Mark Hill feat Ed Sheeran - Could Just Be The Bassline [CDR]
5. Beyonce - Sweet Dreams (Sunship vs Control-S Remix) [Sony]
6. Solution & Elski Experience - When I Need You [forthcoming 42tf]
7. Todd Edwards - I Love Liverpool [CDR]
8. Ben Westbeech - Falling (Dark Sky Remix) [forthcoming Strictly Rhythm on February, 28 2011]
9. Mr Pud feat Fudge - Be Your Man [forthcoming 42tf]
10.MJ Cole - Bordeaux [forthcoming Prolific on February, 28 2011]
11.Ollie Macfarlane - Home [forthcoming L2S]
12.Scott Garcia - F.U.T.U.R.E G.A.R.A.G.E. [forthcoming L2S on April, 18 2011]
13.Lokiboi - Late Night Missions [CDR]

DJ LK Tracklist:

1. KMA - Cape Fear
2. Whitelabel
3. De'lacy - Hideaway
4. Johnny X - Call On Me
5. Big Bird - Flav
6. 24Hours Experience - Need a Man
7. Groove Chronicles - Voices
8. Sunship - Almighty Father

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